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Water Dispensers in Barbados and How Offices Have Changed

Water Dispensers in Barbados and How Offices Have Changed

Somewhere between The Flintstones and The Jetsons, our workplaces have dramatically changed. For example, we have gone from executive office suites and rows of cubicles to a mobile workforce and open floor plans. We have gone from suits and ties to shorts and flip-flops. And as a result, we have seen offices go through a renaissance of sorts changing again and again to support new ways in which work is done.

Multi-media rooms are being formed from previously static spaces to allow real-time interaction with remote workers and cafes are coming to life, becoming hubs of casual conversation. There are even quiet spaces being implemented as places to support ideas and rejuvenation.

Companies are coming to the realization that workplaces are more than just places where people work. They realize that people spend much of their waking hours during the week at work. Office spaces aren’t just places where people get their work done, they are also places where companies recruit top candidates and retain the best employees.

Newport Systems, your source for water dispensers in Barbados, offer you the ways in which office spaces have changed over the years.


We have come a long way from writing a letter or phoning somebody as a way of communication. First came the fax machine, which changed the way we communicate, but things really changed with the implementation of email.

Today, communication has moved forward by leaps and bounds with the use of text messaging, chat rooms and file sharing. In many ways, modern communications are less formal and make our jobs easier than in the past. Of course, the constant contact can also be a curse as there is really no escape if you don’t want somebody to get a hold of you.

Office Attire

Many of you can remember going to work and there would be some guy dressed in a dark suit with dark shoes and a dark tie. The thing is that this is how he was dressed every single day, even on Fridays.

As the years passed, the suit and tie gave way to pleated khakis and a golf shirt. Basically, the workplace became more casual as far as clothing is concerned.

The same holds true for the women. The norm was, long ago, skirts, makeup and hose. It was a lot of effort to dress properly. Casual Friday was a thing until every day become casual Friday.

Work Hours

For a very long time, the standard American work day was 9 am-5 pm. In the last few decades, this has expanded to 8 am-5 pm.

Many of you might be wondering just how a 9 to 5 work week accounted for 40 hours of work. The simple answer is that breaks and lunch were factored into the equation. Basically, 20 or 30 years ago, employees spent less time at the office and got paid the same.

The Cubicle

In the 1980s, companies went cubicle crazy. Before then, it was the norm to have enough offices to house your employees. But as the population grew, it made less sense for offices and more economical to house employees in cubicles.

The biggest problem with cubicles is that they looked absolutely awful. The upside is that cubicles muffled the insane racket employees had to encounter every day at the office including the constant clicking of typewriters and humming of the copy machine.


Sure, computers were around in the 1960s and 1970s, but these whirring leviathans occupied entire rooms and were only available to a small percentage of workers. But now, you can’t even imagine your job without a computer. No kidding, just sit there and see what you can get accomplished without it.

There was a time when the majority of companies functioned very well without computers. You would be hard-pressed finding a company today that is computer-free.

Career Paths

There are probably several of you out there who had a parent who worked at the same company their entire lives. Back in the day, this was not uncommon. But that is not the standard anymore. In fact, only 11 percent of millennials say they would never leave the current company they work for.

If their current employer has a water cooler from Newport Systems, that number would go up. Call us now.







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